America's Greatest Comics (2002)

America's Greatest Comics (2002)

America's Greatest Comics (2002)


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America's Greatest Comics (2002) 2002





America''s Greatest Comics #1- $6.95 First issue of a new Golden Age reprint anthology title that runs the gamut of story types, every one rendered by an all-time great illustrator! For fans of the costumed super-types, it''s Fox Features'' sexy Phantom Lady, by Matt Baker, in “The Fire Fiend!”, and The Dollman, who uses a model plane to bring crooks down to size in a tale drawn by Lou Fine!! For jungle fans, there''s Thunda, King of the Congo facing “The Terror of the Tusks”, with Bob Powell art. Like horror stories? Try Joe Kubert''s “The Curse of Khar!”, or Steve Ditko''s “The Man Below”- a tale narrated by The Mysterious Traveller. The King is celebrated in a spooky fantasy, as Jack Kirby and partner Joe Simon provide “Birth After Death!” If glamorous “good girl art” is your thing, we''ve got the sizzling Torchy, by creator Bill Ward. See how her job as secretary to a voice teacher leads to her losing her clothes! For the more military-minded, check out Doug Wildey''s “The Pool of Peril”, a a supernatural mystery set in WWII. As is the AC standard, all these full stories, reprinted from such publishers as Quality. Magazine Enterprises, Avon, Prize Charlton and others, are reproduced in the highest quality possible. 52 pages, black and white with color covers. Standard comic book format.