Friday The 13th: Jason Vs Jason X

Friday The 13th: Jason Vs Jason X

Friday The 13th: Jason Vs Jason X


Alternate name:
Friday The 13th: Jason Vs Jason X 2006


Mike Wolfer



The gore-drenched showdown of a lifetime erupts in the depths of space as the undead, mass-murderer Jason Voorhees is reborn to face the cybernetically-enhanced and unstoppable future version of himself! As Jason X stalks the halls of an interstellar pleasure cruiser, a deep-space salvage team makes their way into the remnants of the space catamaran Grendel, where the ├╝ber-Jason was created. Hoping to gut the ship of its most valuable assets, the team instead unwittingly revives a curse that transcends time itself, reawakening the one, original Jason Voorhees. Jason''s divided reign of terror will be short-lived, however, as both halves of Earth''s most dreaded serial killer are drawn to one another for a confrontation that can have only one victor... and one survivor! Fan-favorite creator Mike Wolfer brings this epic bloodbath to life in this vicious two-issue series, both offered this month!